My Services

Overhaul your style. Supercharge your confidence. Transform your life from the outside in with one of my signature services. Together, we can help you rediscover your personal style (what makes your heart sing?), revamp your wardrobe (banish the blah from your closet!), and tap into your own unique brand of style confidence!

All of my products and services are offered under the Style Confidence Club brand. You can purchase individual products like Seasonal Confidence Capsule Wardrobes and Color Code Swatches.  Services like Body Type & Color Analysis are offered as levels of Club membership and include the 8-Part Style Confidence Course and increasing levels of personal guidance by me.


Fall/Winter 2018 Confidence Capsule Wardrobes

The Confidence Capsule is the only capsule wardrobe based on your needs, preferences, and budget. Choose your Lifestyle, Color Palette and Budget, and you'll receive a Confidence Capsule that suits your unique needs. You'll find 25+ pieces that mix and match to create endless outfit possibilities. If you've done a BodyType Analysis with me, you'll see references to your StyleDial(R) Number with every piece. LEARN MORE

Physical Color Code Swatches

Color Swatches are now available for your Color Code! Many of my clients tell me that they keep their swatches in their purse so they don't end up with unflattering clothes or makeup (it's like keeping me in your purse). After you've completed your Color Analysis, you can order yours here. It's only $30 and shipping is free anywhere in the world.  It contains your swatches, a carrying case, and tips for your code. LEARN MORE

Bronze Membership: Body Type, Color Code, Club & Course

This is a great first step on your journey to Style Confidence. Every membership package starts with Body Type and Color Analysis. You'll also get the Full 8-Part Course and 2 Seasonal "Confidence" Capsules. You can upgrade at any time or add-on items like Style Guide Messaging, Color Swatches, or a Video Call. I look forward to taking this first step with you! LEARN MORE

Silver Membership: Personal Guidance Through Course

With this package I'll personally guide you on your 8-part journey to Style Confidence. It starts with Body Type and Color Analysis and then the remaining 6 modules of the course. It includes 1 month of in-club messages and a 45 minute video call with me, your Style Guide, to help you along the way, and 2 Seasonal "Confidence" Capsules per year, and mailed Color Swatches. Includes lifetime club membership. I look forward to starting this journey with you! LEARN MORE

Gold Membership: Personal Guidance, Video Call, and Swatches

With this package you get my personal (virtual) attention with three 45-minute video calls and 3 months of in-club Style Guide messages. I'll guide you on your 8-part journey to Style Confidence and beyond. It starts with Body Type, Color Analysis, Style Assessment and then the remaining 6 modules of the course. It includes ALL Seasonal Confidence Capsules throughout the year, physical Color Code Swatches to take shopping with you, and lifetime membership in the Club. I look forward to starting this exciting journey with you! LEARN MORE