About Nada

My love of fashion started with a pair of strawberry clogs when I was 5 years old. Back then, I knew nothing about capsule wardrobes and body types and camouflaging trouble spots. I just thought fashion was fun. Years later, it’s still my happy place!

I have spent my entire career writing about fashion and beauty. A former beauty editor and fashion magazine editor, I spent the past 12 years writing a local fashion column, and have also written a series of beauty books.  These days, I’m a certified personal stylist and color consultant, a homeschool mom of two daughters, and you can also find me here and at StyleConfidenceClub.com. I want to encourage all women, especially moms, to look and feel their best every day because I know what a game changer it can be! Maybe you recognize yourself in one of the following:

My goal is to help you find your fashion happy place. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Your Style Guide,