Looking for the inside scoop on Sun Protection?


Sun protection is one of the few areas where beauty and health meet, and where what you don’t know can hurt you. Sunscreen is the single most important step in your skin-care routine, and the only step guaranteed to ward off a slew of skin disorders, from wrinkles to hyperpigmentation, dryness to roughness. It’s also the only thing that can ward off more sinister skin woes, like skin cancer. This book covers two categories: sunscreens, for that critical sun protection; and self-tanners, for those who want to have it made in the shade.

Protect yourself with Safe Sun Solutions: Tips and Products to Prevent Skin Cancer and Reverse Sun Damage.


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The Beauty Experts

This book is Book 6 of the Beauty Tips from the Experts Series. The 8-Book series includes insider advice and product tips from 80 top beauty experts. Nada Manley opens up her beauty-editor rolodex for you so you can learn how to look and feel your best.

Beauty Tips from the Experts