About BeautyMommy

I’m so happy to see you here! I’m Nada Manley, the BeautyMommy! I am bursting with all sorts of fun stuff to share with you, and I can’t wait to get started. First, however, I want to introduce you to someone very dear to me – my good friend, Loulou. You may have already spotted her in all the pretty pictures here on BeautyMommy. I think you’re going to love her! She’s funny, she’s fashionable…

Oh, you think she looks like me?

Why, I hadn’t noticed! Thank you! She is so fabulous. Funny and fun-loving and well, just…

Okay, fine. We are the same person.

Sort of.

Loulou is my loopy side. (What? Doesn’t everyone have one?).

She’s funnier. More freewheeling. Full of uninhibited fabulousness. And she’s here to make sure we don’t take this whole stylish mom thing too seriously. Because you know what? It isn’t.

My love of fashion started with a pair of strawberry clogs when I was 5 years old. Back then, I knew nothing about capsule wardrobes and body types and camouflaging trouble spots. I just thought fashion was fun. And I still do. Loulou is here to remind us of that.

I have spent my entire career writing about fashion and beauty. I write a fashion column and have written a series of beauty books and I am all in. I want to encourage all moms to look and feel their best every day because I know what a game changer that is! Maybe you recognize yourself in one of the following:

My goal is to help you find your fashion happy place, to deliver style with a sense of humor. I hope you enjoy your stay!