Your Bathing Suit Problems, Solved

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Lately, I’ve been teaching my girls a truth that, as adults, we know all too well. There’s always someone who has it better. When I hear them compare themselves to someone else, I gently remind them that, in life, there will always be a girl who is prettier and smarter and richer and more talented. There will always be people with more, and there will always be people with less.

But there will only ever be one you. So be you. And be awesome at it.

I think the same applies to bathing suits and body image. There will always be a woman who looks better, whose body “issues” are smaller or somehow less significant than yours. We always wish for someone else’s problems, because ours always seem to be so much more challenging. And that’s when we need to remind ourselves that our job isn’t to be better or prettier or skinnier than… it’s just to be the the best us, possible.

And I know that it’s kind of a leap to go from being our best to solving bathing suit problems, but I promise there’s a connection. Being awesome requires a certain level of confidence, and so does donning a bathing suit. A great bathing suit that flatters and fits and doesn’t ride up or sag or bag or reveal too much is priceless, because it gives you the confidence to enjoy summer.

Don’t let your bathing suit problems get in the way of a good time this summer! Here, you’ll find solutions to the most common swimwear problems: full tummy, full bum and thighs, and long torso.

Problem #1: Taming Your Tummy


Clearly, a suit with tummy taming features is a great choice here, but you may not be aware of the magic of a strategically placed print at whittling your waistline. This print visually subtracts inches from the waistline.

Miraclesuit Zip Line Temptress One-Piece

Miraclesuit Zip Line Temptress One-Piece, $164, Zappo’s

And here’s another, which adds super-flattering ruching to the mix.

Miraclesuit Sound Waves Temptress One-Piece

Miraclesuit Sound Waves Temptress One-Piece, $164, Zappo’s

So ruching, above, and its close cousin, draping, are both legendary tummy tamers.

Bleu Rod Beattie Plus Size Cruise Control Halter Mio One-Piece

Bleu Rod Beattie Plus Size Cruise Control Halter Mio One-Piece, $141, Zappo’s

And this suit from Merona at Target offers a fabulous example of the power of draping.

Merona draped one piece, $39.99, Target

Another fabulous tummy tamer is the high-waisted bikini. While this can often be a flattering choice, it’s best for women with average to long waistlines. If you have a short waistline, you’re better off sticking to a one-piece or tankini style.

Beach Betty by Miracle Brands Slimming Control Hi-Waist Bikini Swim Bottom Pink Colorblock, $34.99, and longline bikini top, $39.99, Target

Bands of black are visual erasers, making the waist appear slimmer. This suit uses black side panels to whittle the waist, and a black band around the middle for further definition.

Beach Betty by Miracle Brands Colorblock Control One Piece, $64.99, Target

Problem #2: Full Bum and Thighs

The best thing you can do to downplay a full lower half is to, well, downplay it. That means no bright colors, bold embellishments or doodads of any kind. Instead, draw the eye to your upper half with horizontal necklines. This season’s hip new high-necked halter styles and off the shoulder styles are perfect!

This suit downplays the bottom half with a darker color, while the stripes on top, and a horizontal neckline, draw the eye upward.

Stripe swimsuit, $65,

This high halter style draws the eye upwards, while the solid colored bottom minimizes the bum.

Lucky Brand Nomad Chevron High Neck Tankini Top

For a trendy look, pair a bright or light colored off the shoulder swim top with your favorite basic black bikini bottoms.

Trina Turk Gypsy Solid Off the Shoulder Bandeau Top

Trina Turk Gypsy Solid Off the Shoulder Bandeau Top, $80, Zappo’s

Problem #3: Long Torso

While some of us (me included!) would love to have the problem of a long torso, it does pose a genuine problem when shopping for a one piece. Fortunately, companies have stepped in to offer solutions, creating longer suits for taller girls. Longitude is the most prominent of these brands, and while they get points for fit and flattery, many of their cuts and prints are dated. This style, however, is sleek, sophisticated and current!

Longitude Sheer Love high neck tanksuit, $54.99 (sale),

Brands like J. Crew and Land’s End size a few styles each season for longer torsos.

Long torso one-shoulder one-piece swimsuit in classic stripe

Long torso one-shoulder one-piece swimsuit in classic stripe, $118,

ASOS also offers a handful of tall sized suits, all very affordably priced, but many of their styles this season were very low cut. This is one of the more modest options.

ASOS TALL Clean Cross Back Mono Stripe Swimsuit, $34,

Unless you want the suit to be shorter and more revealing, tankinis should also be sized for long torsos, whenever possible. Lands’ End is known more for its quality and fit than its style, unfortunately, but I did find this tankini in a bold, contemporary floral.

Women's Long High-neck Tankini Top

Women’s Long High-neck Tankini Top, $65, and bottoms, $39,

These 3 swimsuit problems are the ones I hear the most from clients, readers and friends. Did I address your biggest bathing suit dilemma? If not, share it below!

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