Don’t Buy Another Bathing Suit (Until You Read This)


Ready or not, here it comes. It’s officially bathing suit season in parts of the country right now, and right around the corner for everyone else. So even if you’re still feeling fluffy or pasty or jiggly or otherwise so not ready, there is a way to choose a pretty suit that suits you, right where you are. Here, my tips for finding the perfect suit, right now.

1. Privacy Please

Sidestep the dreaded dressing room, with its unflattering lighting and dinky mirrors, and try shopping online for bathing suits instead. Many of my clients turn to sites that offer free shipping and free returns, like Nordstrom and Zappo’s. They order a few promising suits, try them on in the comfort of home, choose the best and return the rest.

2. Be Prepared

Sometimes, seeing your summer suit on your winter body is enough to make you throw in the towel. That’s why it helps to psyche yourself up. Shave, moisturize, and, if you like a little color in the summer, apply some self-tanner. Make sure that you choose the best underwear for bathing suit shopping (most stores require a thong under a bathing suit!).

Rodan + Fields Foaming Sunless Tanner, $26,

3. Do Your Homework

You already know the shape of your most flattering underwear. And what the best bathing suit you’ve ever owned looks like. Unless you’re feeling fearless, bathing suit season isn’t the time to experiment with crazy cuts and unflattering trends. For example, don’t try a triangle top if you’re full busted and need support. Go for what you already know is flattering, and then incorporate trends with colors, patterns and fabrics. Flattery is everything!

4. Dress for What You Do

Are you into sporty or sun-loving? Consider the activity when choosing the suit. A strapless bandeau style may not be the best pick if you plan on doing a lot of diving, for example. Once you have a suit on, move all around. Do some jumping jacks and waist bends. Make sure that everything stays in place. If it doesn’t stay put in the dressing room, it won’t stay put poolside, either.

5. Shop Responsibly

There is nothing uplifting about spending hours on the Victoria’s Secret website, feeling glum because you don’t look like the swimsuit models. (Even the swimsuit models don’t look that perfect, because, you know, retouching). Instead, shop on a site that features women of all different shapes and sizes. My favorites include Nettle’s Tale, Swimsuits for All and ModCloth.


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