4 Wearable Spring Trends


Forget New Year’s Day. Spring is really the season for fresh beginnings. Is it just me, or does everyone feel like the past couple of months have been tough, what with flu season and bad news all the time and unpredictable weather. Don’t you feel like we all just need a nap and a cuddle? I am so ready for spring! I’m going to wear flowers and lace and all the pastels, all at one time, and walk barefoot on the lawn (or maybe I’ll wear my cute new sandals, because Florida lawns are pokey) and sleep in and eat only foods that I grow in my very own organic garden.

Just kidding. I kill plants. They absolutely wither in my presence. Maybe it’s the heels?

Anyway, I guess I’m just mainly excited about the clothes. I love spring clothes, and the fantasy occasions that they represent. The family and I in perfectly coordinating Easter outfits? Mais oui! Garden parties on the lawn? Of course! Lavender lemonade on a porch swing with friends? Why not? It’s early, and the season is full of possible adventures and cute outfits to wear to them.

But lest you go and embrace every spring trend, willy nilly, pause for a sec and read my guide to the only spring trends that matter—the ones you can actually wear, you know, in real life. Here, the prettiest trends of the season, and how to wear them for your body type.

(And, as always, just click on the pictures to shop!)

New Romantics

This is what spring is all about, ladies! I’m talking lace and flower prints and all the girly girliness your heart desires. And even if you are not a girly girl at heart, spring brings out every girl’s feminine side. Look for fresh takes on florals, from sweet ditsy prints (keep the shape sophisticated when choosing these so they don’t appear matronly) to bold splashy ones. Lovely lace, layers of ruffles and soft, floaty fabrics are everywhere this season!

Style Dial 1

A vertical neckline and consistent pattern make this a great pick for a proportional Style Dial 1.

Free People Magnolia Maxi Dress in Ivory

Free People Magnolia Maxi Dress in Ivory, $168, Revolve.com

Style Dial 1 (3)

A vertical neckline and waist definition make this a flattering and pretty choice!

Flawless in Fleurs midi dress, $150, ModCloth

Style Dial 2

The pretty sheer lace at the top and high neckline draw they eye upward, while the slight A-line skirt floats over hips.

Tularosa Matilda Lace Dress in Luster

Tularosa “Matilda” lace dress, $228, Revolve.com

Style Dial 2 (3)

With a short necklace, this A-line floral silk dress with great waist definition is the perfect Style Dial 2 (3) choice.

Slide View: 1: Deloria Printed Silk Dress

Deloria printed silk dress, $99.95 (sale), Anthropologie

Style Dial 3

A high vertical neckline (a necklace would be a great addition, too) and knotted waist make this perfect for a Style Dial 3.

Image 1 of PRINTED TUNIC WITH KNOT from Zara



I’ve already gone on and on about leggings, but you’d be doing your closet a disservice if your definition of athleisure begins and ends there. Sportiness has become a lifestyle and a major trend, even among those of us who have never seen the inside of a gym. Sporty stripes and athletic inspired silhouettes and motifs are showing up in the most unexpected places, from dresses to denim.

Style Dial 1

How cool are these? The slightly bootcut style makes them perfect for a Style Dial 1.

Slide View: 1: Mother Insider Crop Step Fray High-Rise High-Low Jeans

Mother Insider Crop Step Fray High-Rise High-Low Jeans, $228, Anthropologie

Style Dial 1 (3)

Varsity Active Side-Slit Pencil Skirt, Heather Gray

Splendid Varsity Active Side-Slit Pencil Skirt, $44 (sale), Neiman Marcus

Style Dial 2

This cool little dress has a strong horizontal neckline and straight shape, making it super flattering for a SD2.

Main Image - 1.STATE Mesh T-Shirt Dress

1.STATE Mesh T-Shirt Dress, $119, Nordstrom

Style Dial 2 (3)

Sleek sporty style in stripes with a vertical seam to define the waist make this top a flattering choice.

New Balance® for J.Crew in-transit long-sleeve T-shirt in stripe

New Balance for J.Crew in-transit long-sleeve T-shirt in stripe, $65, J. Crew

Style Dial 3

These graduated flare are the most flattering style for this body type, and the stripes on the side add a chic sporty touch.

Slide View: 1: Chrominance Wide-Legs

Chrominance Wide-Legs, $128, Anthropologie

Bright Stripes

From bold, rainbow-bright shades to seersucker to classic preppy stripes, spring’s favorite pattern is worn everywhere and on everything this season. And they don’t deserve their reputation for being unflattering. Sure, there are exceptions, such as tooo skinny stripes on a too tight outfit, which can create an unfortunate, wavy effect, or bold stripes across a big bust, but most of the time, stripes are wearable on every body and at every age, as shown below.

Style Dial 1

Vertical neckline. Consistent pattern. Simple shape. This checks all the flattery boxes for a Style Dial 1.

Slide View: 1: Tramuntana Romper

Tramuntana Romper, $128, Anthropologie

Style Dial 1 (3)

These pretty stripes create the optical illusion of a slimmer waist, making it a great choice for almost every body type, but especially for those lacking waist definition. Just add a long necklace!

Pop-stripe dress

Pop-stripe dress, $158. J. Crew

Style Dial 2

No classic girl should be without a perfect stripey tee, and this one from Kule is, well, cool. The high neckline and straight hem make it SD2-friendly.

The Kule Modern Long Tee, $98, Kule.com

Style Dial 2 (3)

A high neckline and waist make this pretty dress perfect for a SD2.

Slide View: 1: Rainbow Crochet Midi Dress

Rainbow crochet midi dress, $188, Anthropologie

Style Dial 3

A swingy shape and asymmetric stripes in this fun dress make it a great Style Dial 3 choice.

Slide View: 1: Newport Striped Shirtdress

Newport Striped Shirtdress, $158, Anthropologie

Chic Shirts

If you buy one item this season, make it a standout shirt. Billowy sleeves, voluminous ruffles, and of course off-the-shoulder styles dominate spring fashion this season, and are an easy update to all your basic bottoms.

Style Dial 1

A statement top with a vertical neckline can be a challenge to find, but this one is adorable and versatile!

Slide View: 1: Emaria Poplin Blouse

Emaria Poplin Blouse, $88, Anthropologie

Style Dial 1 (3)

A vertical neckline and waist accentuating ruffles make this a great choice.

Boohoo ruffle v-neck cotton top, $35, ASOS

Style Dial 2

Horizontal neckline and lots of top interest make this a great find!

Image 1 of CONTRAST PLUMETIS TOP from Zara


Style Dial 2 (3)

This top defines the waist, while the high neckline draws the eye up and balances hips.

Red gingham smocked bell-sleeve top, $89, PixieMarket

Style Dial 3

A vertical neckline, definition at the high waist and ruffles make this adorable jacket/top super flattering for straighter silhouettes.

English Factory ruffled top with pom poms, $66.50 (sale), ShopBop

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of cheerful, wearable spring trends. Feminine fun styles characterize this season, so pick a trend or two to try today. And for more spring trend picks, check out my spring catalogs for Style Dial 1 and 1 (3), Style Dial 2 and 2 (3), and Style Dial 3. I’ll be adding new items regularly!


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    Hi Renee! Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, models are always 95 pounds and 20. LOL Fortunately, though, these clothes are definitely not designed for 20 year olds. You can be 50 and wear florals and stripes and billowy sleeves.

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