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JINsoon - 4th of July Nail Art

Most of the time, I try to write posts to be helpful, to problem solve, to offer solutions to the fashion challenges we all face.

This is not that kind of post.

A new weekly feature, BeautyMommy Buzz is all about the fun stuff—fabulous new launches, product reviews, fun tip and discoveries, even the occasional recipe. It’s my chance to share with you all the fun stuff that’s been on my radar that week.

Modern Fourth Nail Art

JINsoon - 4th of July Nail Art

The team at The Stylist Online focused this last week on style for a very un-tacky 4th. In other words, patriotic attire that doesn’t involve draping yourself in bunting. Yes, it is possible. 😉 So all of this talk of Fourth style inspired me to find other ways to show our patriotism this holiday season.

But before I get into it, I have to preface any talk of nail art with a disclaimer. Although I consider myself pretty adventurous, style-wise, I have been very conservative when it comes to nails. Naturally, I went through the “Vamp” phase, like any other self-respecting fashion writer in my age group, but beyond that, I’ve pretty much stuck with Essie Waltz (a pale pink-white) and OPI I’m Not Really A Waitress (a popular red). So, the classics. Kind of boring, but I’ve never been into making a statement with my nails. And I thought nail art, was, well, a little tacky.

That’s all changed, of course. Open up any fashion and beauty magazine today, and you’ll see oodles of examples of hip, fresh, truly tacky-free nail art created by modern artists who happen to work on nails. It’s been a real revolution in the beauty industry, and Jin Soon has been one of the trendsetters. Her cool, modern nod to the Fourth has inspired me to ditch my tired mani (or on most days, my all natural I’m-a-mom-and-don’t -have-time-for-polish nails) for something a little more creative. Here, how to pull it off, step by step.

Step 1: Apply JINsoon Power Coat (base coat).

Step 2: Apply 2 coats of your favorite white nail polish

Step 3: On the ring finger, fill in half of your nail (closest to the cuticle) with JINsoon x Barneys exclusive Ardor

Step 4: Repeat step 3 with JINsoon Cool Blue on the index finger.

Step 5: Using a striping brush draw and fill in a rectangle with JINsoon Cool blue on the middle finger.

Step 6 and 7: Paint the number 4 in the white space on the ring finger (Cool blue). Paint the number 7 in the white space on the index finger (Ardor).

Step 8: Using a striping brush, draw a thin line using JINsoon Ardor on the middle finger.

Step 9: Complete your look with JINsoon Top Gloss (top coat).

Selfie School

Okay, as a rule, I’m anti-selfies. Not for moral reasons or because posting endless selfies is annoying and narcissistic, but because I can’t fully capture my cuteness in a selfie. In other words, they make me look funny. And not in an endearing way. More in a: “Oh, look, I got both of my chins in that picture” kind of way. Turns out, I’ve been doing it all wrong. Fortunately, famous facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel has these tips for taking a superior selfie.

  1. Women should look up slightly towards the camera, as it will make your eyes larger, and raise your eyebrows, creating the attractive look of large eyes.
  2. Slightly lean your neck towards the camera.
  3. A minute before your photo, tap on your lips a few times (somewhat stronger than you’d think!). This will send blood to your lips, making them redder and fuller—both considered very attractive. Similarly, you can pinck your cheeks a few times to get a little bit of a rosy glow.
  4. Stand at an angle to teh camera. This creates a slimmer body profile and adds some interest to the photograph. Also, try slightly lowering the shoulder towards the camera. This will relatively elongate your neck and slim it out.
  5. Blink just before the camera goes off. That is, if they are counting to three to shoot, blink deliberately on two. This will help guarantee that your eyes are not closed during the picture, and importantly, will get you with the most open and bright eyes—and remember, bright eyes are critical to looking good.
  6. Smile with your eyes! A fake smile is just your mouth. A true smile is when your whole face is laughing. Think about sending energy to your eyes or smiling with your eyes, and your beauty will shine into the photograph.
  7. Be relaxed. Think about relaxing your face and trying to convey that to the camera. And, consider Botox or Dysport. They’ve been shown to not only relax wrinkles, but toactually improve your mood and help you to feel more relaxed and confident. The emotional change will show in your photos.

Luna Love

A couple of months ago, Foreo sent me their new Luna Mini to try out, and I have become obsessed. It’s a sonic skin cleansing brush made of silicone, so it’s easy to clean, super-hygienic and pretty enough to display on your bathroom counter. I have lots of skincare devices. Lots. But this one, I actually use. Every single day. I love that you only have to charge it every few months. That it’s safe for use in the bath or shower. That it’s low maintenance and quick. And, most of all, I love how super super soft and clean my skin feels when I use it. It’s much more effective at removing dirt and makeup than cleansing alone, and cleaner skin means that your treatment products will be more effective. I even travel with it! It’s so gentle that I plan to buy one for Lola, my 10 year old, to help with any future tween-age skincare issues. I’ll be demonstrating how easy it is to use in an upcoming video, so I’ll link back to it when it’s live!

That’s what I’m buzzing about this week! Hope you all have a safe, blessed holiday weekend!


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