Best Bathing Suits for Women with Hips


You’ve either got’em or you don’t. Hips, that is. And if you’ve got’em, nobody needs to point them out to you. I have never met a woman with curvy hips who was unaware that she had curvy hips. After all, she’s been dressing them her entire adult life. So if you are blessed with a feminine curvy shape in the hips, bum or thighs, then you may be a Style Dial 2, and you may be tempted to hate your hips. This, however, would be a mistake.

You should hate your shoulders instead.. 😉

That’s because most women with curvy hips have narrow shoulders, and it’s the difference between the two that makes your hips appear more pronounced. And that’s why many of my tips for dressing your Style Dial 2 body type focus on broadening the shoulders with horizontal necklines and statement necklaces. If your shoulders look bigger, your hips look smaller. It’s kind of magical.

(Still not sure of your body type? Find out for free right here!)

And then read on to find the best bathing suits for women with hips, plus the reasons they are so amazing.

Trina Turk Medallion Maillot

Trina Turk "Medallion" maillot, $144, Anthropologie

Trina Turk “Medallion” maillot, $144, Anthropologie

Why I Love It

The print on this stylish suit is lighter and more details at the top, and darker and more subdued at the bottom, which visually shrinks the hips. Plus, the keyhole neckline draws the eye upwards, and the lack of details at the bottom minimize the hips.

Lisa King Bikini

Lisa King "Bailey" top, $103, and bottoms, $73, Anthropologie

Lisa King “Bailey” top, $103, and “Elliot” bottoms, $73, Anthropologie

Why I Love It

The new high-necked bikinis may wreak havoc on your tanline, but they work magic on your body shape, broadening the shoulders and minimizing the hips.

J. Crew Ruched Bandeau

J. Crew ruched bandeau one piece, starting at $50.

J. Crew ruched bandeau one piece, starting at $50.

Why I Love It

The ruching helps define the waist of the a Style Dial 2 (3) — a Style Dial 2 with a less defined waist — and the horizontal top and simple bottom are super flattering.

Maaji Folky Lullaby Bikini

Maaji Folky Lullaby bandeau top,$74, and signature bottom, $65,

Maaji Folky Lullaby bandeau top,$74, and signature bottom, $65,

Why I Love It

Maaji makes the prettiest prints, and most of the suits come with coverups and mix and match bottoms. I like the strong horizontal detail of this top and the simple bottoms.

Land’s End SwimMates Bandeau Bikini

Land's End SwimMates bandeau top, $24.99, and bottoms, $15.99

Land’s End SwimMates bandeau top, $24.99, and bottoms, $15.99

Why I Love It

Land’s End offers lots of mix and match options, so I would switch out these bottoms for the mid-waist bikini bottoms in a solid. The horizontal lines and print will draw the eyes up and balance the hips.

Flattering your curvy hips in a swimsuit is so much easier if you know the rules, and here they are, one more time:

Look for details at the top of a bathing suit and minimal details at the bottom

Strong horizontal necklines are best

Wear busy prints at the top of the suit and more subtle prints at the bottom

Loving the suits you see here, but still can’t make up your mind? There are many more styles to check out in my catalogs for Style Dial 2 and Style Dial 2 (3). Hope these tips and my picks will help you find this summer’s favorite!


  1. Robin says

    Where can I find the army green and purple one piece on the first model, it is absolutely beautiful!

  2. says

    I love that suit too, but unfortunately I don’t think it’s being made anymore. I’ll keep looking and let you know if I find it. For a similarly flattering effect, any suit with a darker bottom and lighter top will help minimize the hips and look super stylish. I love this style.

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