Best Bathing Suits for Straight Body Types


What do Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz and most supermodels have in common? They have straight body types. This means that their hips and shoulders are about the same and their waist isn’t very defined. Sound like you? Then you, and your glamorous counterparts, could be a Style Dial 3. And this, frankly, makes me resent you a little.

Style Dial 3’s have all the fun.

Oh, you may not know it yet, but you do. All the bells and whistles and doodads and details were just made for you, because they add dimension and bulk, building out your curves and creating the illusion of a more defined waist. But the thing is – you can wear just about anything. Anything. Sigh.

Lucky duck.

That’s why the suits worn here are the most interesting and glamorous and fun. They feature daring cutouts and flattering ruching and pretty peplums and, well, you get the idea. (Still not sure of your body type? Find out for free right here.

Kopper & Zink “Gomez” maillot

Kopper & Zink "Gomez" one piece, $220,

Kopper & Zink “Gomez” one piece, $220,

Why I Love It

Yes, it’s expensive and a little daring, but the cutouts really define the waist, while the details at the top and bottom broaden shoulders and hips—creating shape.

Seaa Riviera Maillot

Seea "Riviera" maillot, $140, Anthropologie

Seea “Riviera” maillot, $140, Anthropologie

Why I Love It

The vertical neckline is very flattering for a Style Dial 3, especially one with broad shoulders, while the striped pattern on the side helps define the waist.

L Space Ruched Maillot

L Space ruched maillot, $165, Anthropologie

L Space ruched maillot, $165, Anthropologie

Why I Love It

Ruching and vertical necklines are two of the most flattering details for you, and the pretty shoulder straps are an easy update.

ASOS exclusive scuba peplum swimsuit, $73.54,

ASOS exclusive scuba peplum swimsuit, $73.54,

Why I Love It

The cute peplum details creates the illusion of hips, which make your waist appear smaller and more defined.

Victoria’s Secret Crop Top Bikini

Victoria's Secret crop bikini top, $38.50, and bottoms, $24,

Victoria’s Secret crop bikini top, $38.50, and bottoms, $24,

Why I Love It

The off-the-shoulder styling is trendy and helps the shoulders appear broader, while the details at the side of the bikini creates the illusion of curvier hips. These combine to define the waistline.

Once you know the right guidelines for dressing your straight Style Dial 3 body type, picking a suit will be so much easier:

Vertical necklines work best, but horizontal is fine too, but only if your shoulders aren’t broader than your hips

Look for details at the shoulders and the hips to add dimension to these areas

Ruching, draping and asymmetrical draping are very flattering.


Still haven’t spotted your favorite suit? Check out more of the best bathing suits for straight body types right here!


  1. Chris McInnes says

    I would really like to see ‘models’ in sizes and shapes that are a bit more common. Tall and thin swimsuit models do little to show what a heavier real life person looks like in these suits. Or even a older model say someone in their 50’s.

  2. says

    I so agree Chris!! I am seeing a little bit more of this, but these images come straight from the swimwear brands, and they are not shooting older models for the most part. There are a few exceptions, though. does show models that are gorgeous but not 18, and so does And of course there are the sites, like ASOS, that show plus and petite women as well. But overwhelmingly models are tall, thin and very young. 🙁

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