Best Bathing Suits for Proportional Body Types


I’m going to tell you, in case you haven’t heard it before, that you are blessed. I’m sure you’re blessed in lots of ways, of course, but I’m talking about blessed on a strictly superficial level here. You have the body type that clothing companies and designers live for — the kind that they wish everyone had.

And it doesn’t really matter what size you are. I have seen Style Dial 1 women ranging in size from 2 to 22. We aren’t talking a number here. We’re talking about proportion. If you have a Style Dial 1 or Style Dial 1 (3) body type, your body type is proportional. This means that your hips and shoulders are about the same and you have a definite waist. Clothes love you. Designers love you. And bathing suits love you. (Think this may be you, but you’re not sure? To find out your body type for free CLICK HERE).

Except maybe this season, when your normally easy to shop for body type is challenged by an influx of bandeaus and high-necked bikinis and other challenging styles. But have no fear. Even with the crazy-funky suits out this season, a classic v-neck maillot or simple triangle bikini — two of your best bets — are never too hard to find. Here, some of the bestbathing suits for proportional body types, and the details to look for to make your next suit a stunner.

J. Crew V-Neck Maillot


V-neck one piece swimsuit, $98, J. Crew

V-neck one piece swimsuit, $98, J. Crew

Why I Love It

It has the all-important v-neck, a simple bottom part without a lot of distracting detail, and comes in a long torso size. Plus it’s 25% off right now!

Mossimo V-Neck Mesh Tank One Piece

Mossimo mesh v-neck one piece swimsuit, $39.99, Target

Mossimo mesh v-neck one piece swimsuit, $39.99, Target

Why I Love It

Simple classic v-neck styling perfect for a proportional Style Dial 1, and the mesh panels add extra waist definition for a Style Dial 1 (3).

Bikini Lab It Takes Hue Bikini

Bikini Lab "It Takes Hue" bikini top, about $25, and bottom, about $25,

Bikini Lab “It Takes Hue” bikini top, about $25, and bottom, about $25,

Why I Love It

Classic triangle bikini style is perfect for your body type, and the print makes it look much more expensive than it is.

Swim by Anthropologie Triangle Halter Bikini

Swim by Anthropologie triangle halter bikini top, $68, and ruched bottom, $48,

Swim by Anthropologie triangle halter bikini top, $68, and ruched bottom, $48,

Why I Love It

The consistent print in top and bottom maintains the proportion of your body type, and this suit offers style with a little more modesty. Plus, you can choose your bottoms from a selection, including a skirted style.

Land’s End V-Neck Bikini

Land's End v-neck bikini top, $49, and bottom, $39.

Land’s End v-neck bikini top, $49, and bottom, $39.

Why I Love It

Sporty simple styling, great quality and you can pick your tops and bottoms. I love the flattering wrap v on the top, too.


The key details to look for when dressing your proportional body type (Style Dial 1) or your proportional body type with a little less waist definition (Style Dial 1 (3)) are:

Vertical neckline

Consistent pattern through the whole suit

“Quiet” bottom – a simple style without a lot of detail

For a 1 (3), add ruching, draping and other waist-defining details


I think these bathing suits are fabulous and flattering, but if you need more ideas, check out my catalog of swimwear for Style Dial 1 and Style Dial 1 (3). I hope you found these tips helpful, and that they help you locate your new favorite bathing suit!

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