5 Back to School Outfits for Girls


It’s back to school week here at BeautyMommy, and like most things in my life lately, it’s off to a late start. The concept of school itself has evolved for us. For the first two years of real school for Lola, she went to a private school. After it closed, she spent two years at public school. And now, our plans for the fall are to homeschool. But that doesn’t mean we are going to spend most of our time in our pajamas. Okay, even if it does, I still want to shop. I mean, that’s what I liked about back to school in the first place. It wasn’t hectic mornings and homework. It was the cute clothes, and the shoes, and the backpack. So this year, we are still going to enjoy the fun and anticipation of back to school. We are just going to experience it in a different way. And in our house, that means a dress code. But this time, it’s based only on my own standards for how I want my girls to appear in public. And, at the risk of appearing bossy (again!), here are my four rules for back to school style for girls. (And then, to make it up to you, 5 adorable back to school outfit ideas!)

1. Start with a Dress:

A comfortable knit dress worn with little play shorts underneath is still classic and, in my opinion, essential for the first day of school, and many days after that. They are every bit as practical as shorts or jeans, and usually more comfortable as well. Plus, when you’re shopping with a budget, a single item is significantly less expensive than two or three.

2. Make it Modest:

I’d like to think this is obvious, but clearly, it’s not. Clothes for little girls are getting smaller and sassier, and it’s becoming harder to find cute, age-appropriate outfits. I don’t want my daughters to look like a mini-me (except on the rare occasion when an item actually suits both a mother and daughter). I want them to look like little girls. One of the most challenging items to find is shorts. Current styles are cut way too short, but fortunately, Bermuda and mid-length shorts are still available from brands like J. Crew, Ralph Lauren and Arizona (JCPenney).

3. Show Off those Shoes:

Invest in the best quality shoes you can afford, even if you only buy 1 or 2 pairs. They are worth every penny. In addition to the obligatory sneakers, choose a pair of shoes that can be dressed up or worn casually, like ballet flats or mary janes. If your budget allows for a third pair, try boots for comfort and style. And now I’m going to get all bossy again. With the exception of clogs, skip the heels for little girls (except, of course, for playing dress up). Let’s keep them young while we can! (Ditto for makeup. But I didn’t have to tell you that).

4. Accessorize:

I am convinced that God gave me little girls because of my ability to accessorize. It certainly wasn’t because of my hair-wrangling ability or my tolerance of drama. For littles, simple, sweet accessories keep it charming and age-appropriate. For everyday, a hair accessory may be the only adornment they have, but on special occasions, we pull out a pretty necklace or a special charm bracelet.

And much as I know you like to hear me go on and on from up here on my podium (um, actually my green IKEA office chair), I’m going to stop with the rules and get to the fun part – the outfits. Here, 5 complete, utterly adorable back to school outfits for girls, starting at around $50 for a complete look (including shoes!).

J. Crew

J. Crew Crewcuts Back to School Look 2015

Classic jumper in Cerise, $58, petite belle ballet flats, $68, Back to School charm necklace, $19.50, and glitter headband, $14.50, J. Crew.


Boden Back to School Look 2015

Retro Flower shift dress, $49, t-bar flats in leopard, $49, and sunglasses, about $20, BodenUSA.com

Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson Back to School Look 2015

“Leaps and Jumpers” jumper, $42, Very Gud pima tee, $22, Tora t-straps, $49, Pitter Pattern knee socks, $14, and Crochet Critter necklace, $14, Hanna Andersson


Back to School Outfit 2015 H&M

Dress, $17.99, fine knit cardigan, $9.99, headband with stars, $3.99, and boots, $19.99, H&M

Garnet Hill

Garnet Hill Back to School Look 2015

Morgan & Milo “Shoelace” dress, $48, and bow mary janes, $46, Garnet Hill.

Are you as excited about back to school as I am? If not, then start shopping. It will help. I promise! Which of these outfits is your favorite? And which is your daughter’s? Leave a comment and let me know!

Oh, and as always, all of my pics are linked for easy shopping. 😉

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