How to Dress a Proportional Body Type

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Jennifer Lopez let me down.

Years ago, I bought a stunning pair of Sergio Rossi heels that she modeled on the cover of In Style, and they were so amazing, I wore them to my wedding. After that, I felt a certain kinship with her. I know the similarities are obvious. We both have brown eyes. Skin that falls into the tans-and-rarely-burns category. And the same taste in shoes. She became a fashion inspiration. So I followed her lead once more and bought a neon floral embellished maillot that I spotted, again, on the cover of a magazine.

This time it didn’t go so well.

Because, as much as we may have in common, I am not Jennifer Lopez.

We do not have the same body type. I know. Shocking. Unlike Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, my curves will never break the internet. I haven’t Style Dialed them or anything, but in my professional opinion, each of these ladies is a Style Dial® 2.* And I am a Style Dial® 1. Like Kate Middleton.

Kate and I have a lot in common. Long brown hair. Blonde husbands. Two beautiful kids…. I wonder what her bathing suit looks like…

It’s not you. It’s the clothes.

Never before has there been such a deluge of style inspiration and outfit ideas and celeb look-of-the-day breakdowns. Sifting through the endless options can be overwhelming. That’s why understanding your body type has never been more important. Without a clear understanding of your body type, you might find yourself gleaning inspiration from Jessica Alba’s style when really you should be taking cues from Kate Hudson.

You will wear the wrong things, and those wrong things can make you feel like you have the wrong body, when your body is  precisely how God designed it to be.

You are perfect. Sometimes, it’s your choice of clothing that is flawed.

In the next 3 posts, I will discuss the 3 basic body types, Style Dial® 1, 2, and 3, and how to pick the right clothes, for the body you have, every single time. So here, how to dress a Style Dial® 1 Body Type.

You Might Be a Style Dial® 1 If…

  • Your shoulders and hips are almost equal.
  • You have a defined waist. (A defined waist is 2″ or more smaller than the high hip measurement).
  • Your torso is average to long.
  • You have slim legs.

If most of these apply to you, then you may be a Style Dial® 1A Style Dial® 1 is a classic, proportional hourglass shape. It’s this proportion that makes you a 1, not your size. Just like every other body type, a Style Dial® 1 can range from petite to plus sized and every variation in between. I have Style Dial® 1 clients ranging in size from a 0 to a 24, but they all share the same proportions, with hips and shoulders being pretty equal, defined waists and generally slim legs.

If your waist is slightly less defined, or your torso is short-to-average, you may be a Style Dial® 1 (3) – like me! You’ll follow the same clothing rules as a Style Dial® 1, but will want to take cues from a Style Dial® 3 when it comes to tops.

Not sure? I can take the guesswork out of it. Simply subscribe to BeautyMommy and follow the instructions in the welcome email to receive your free customized Style Snapshot.

Already a subscriber? Email the results of the Virtual Style Dial Measuring Tool and the Style Quiz to [email protected], and I’ll take it from there!

Now that you know, or suspect, that you’re a Style Dial® 1, here’s how to dress for it!

How to Dress Your Style Dial® 1 Body Type

The key to dressing a  Style Dial® 1 is to maintain the natural proportion inherent in your body type. Look for clean, simple lines without a lot of fussy details that throw the proportion off. Look for vertical necklines, uniform prints, and belting at the natural waist. Long necklaces keep the vertical line thing going, especially when worn to balance out a horizontal neckline.

The Dress

The ideal dress for a  Style Dial® 1 features a v-neck, a straight or pencil skirt and a uniform pattern from top to bottom. If there is a belt, it should hit at the natural waist. Wrap dresses and v-neck sheaths are ideal.

LOFT Ikat print maxi, $84.88, Loft

LOFT Ikat print maxi, $84.88, Loft

"Sila" wrap dress, $295, Anthropologie

“Sila” wrap dress, $295, Anthropologie

The Top

Look for a consistent pattern and a vertical neckline (such as a v or a button-down). A Style Dial® 1 (3) will benefit from a little extra waist definition, through details like ruching and draping.

velvet blouse

Velvet v-neck wrap blouse, about $43, Amazon

splendid tee

Splendid v-neck tee, $50, Amazon

The Pants

For a classic pant, mimic your hourglass body type with a bootcut style, your most flattering silhouette. Look for a mid-rise that goes in at the knee and flares at the hem. This season’s 70s inspired flares are super flattering for you! Other options include skinny or skinny boyfriend styles.

levis 512

Levi’s 512 Perfectly Slimming bootcut jean, $40, Amazon

Hudson Ferris flare jean, $209, Amazon

Hudson Ferris flare jean, $209, Amazon

The Skirt

An A-line skirt is universally flattering to all body types, but the  Style Dial® 1 is the only body type that is truly flattered by a true pencil skirt. (Hint: Don’t confuse a pencil skirt with a straight skirt. A pencil skirt actually gets narrower at the hem. A straight skirt is simply slim all the way down, without narrowing).

Calvin Klein Lux pencil skirt, about $33, Amazon

Calvin Klein Lux pencil skirt, about $33, Amazon

7 For All Mankind button front pencil skirt, about $110, Amazon

7 For All Mankind button front pencil skirt, about $110, Amazon

I hope you found these guidelines and examples helpful in dressing your Style Dial® 1 body type. Remember, keep the pattern consistent, look for vertical details and vertical necklines, and belt at the natural waist. For more details, and a printable guide to take with you, click here for the Shopping Cheat Sheet. And for Mom on the Go outfit ideas, by body type, follow the Mom on the Go Pinterest board!

*Not every Style Dial® 2 has the curves of Jennifer Lopez. But more on that in tomorrow’s post.

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