Pick Pretty Pajamas: 30 Days to Gorgeous Mom Style

Eloise Nella top

To me, this is actually the beginning of 2015. Yesterday didn’t count because it was a holiday. Sure, you could just sail through the weekend and start on Monday, but that would put you 5 days behind, style-wise. And who has that kind of time when looking even cuter is just around the corner. So here’s the plan. Every day, you’ll find one, totally doable action step to upgrade your mom style for 2015.

Today, I’m going to start with something that gets far too little attention – pajamas. Even though only the family sees them. Especially because only the family sees them. I grew up wearing pretty, feminine nightgowns and pajamas, and never fell into the t-shirt-and-boxer phase. I think the clothes you wear in your downtime, around those who are closest to you, say a lot about how you feel and who you are in relation to them, and I want my girls, and especially my husband, to see me as glamorous and girly, not as someone who has given up on life. Sure, the sassier pieces, those that could be dubbed “lingerie”, may have been put aside for a while, and only occasionally make an appearance, but we can still look cute lounging at home.

The first step? Get rid of the loud flannel. The cutesy prints. The serviceable but sad mismatched pieces that pass as pajamas. And replace them with something cute. Really cute. Here, for a little inspiration, 10 of the prettiest pajamas I’ve found.

(Note: As always, all images are linked to the store where the item can be purchased).

1. Peachy PJs

Silky modal and feminine details make this pretty but modest enough to wear without a robe.

Godsen modal pajamas, $19.99, Amazon

Godsen modal pajamas, $19.99, Amazon

2. Lacy Lounging

A lacy chemise will make him happy, too.

Natori Zen floral chemise, $91, Amazon

Natori Zen floral chemise, $91, Amazon

3. Colorful Chemise

Bold color and an easy shape make this a cool yet comfy pick.

Vanity Fair Coloratura gown, $30, Amazon

Vanity Fair Coloratura gown, $30, Amazon

4. Bedtime Bliss

Elegant and comfortable, this turns lounging into an art.

Natori Bliss gown, starting at $43, Amazon

Natori Bliss gown, starting at $43, Amazon

5. Silky Style

Silky, simple and elegant. Love.

Calvin Klein chemise, $42

Calvin Klein chemise, $42

6. Flirty Floral

Pretty pajamas from Betsey Johnson. What could be cuter?

Betsey Johnson pajamas, $88, Amazon

Betsey Johnson pajamas, $88, Amazon

 7. Eco-Friendly Elegance

Lightweight bamboo and a sleek yet sporty style make this a timeless pick.

Texere nightgown, $29, Amazon

Texere nightgown, $29, Amazon

8. Warmth & Style

It’s hard to find cozy pajamas that are also cute. These from Natori are beautiful and come in a variety of colors!

Natori "Lhasa" pajama set, $160, Amazon

Natori “Lhasa” pajama set, $160, Amazon

9. Girly Vintage

These pajamas are so pretty, you might be tempted to toss the top on with a pair of boyfriend jeans and wear it out. Don’t worry. I won’t tell!

Eloise "Nella" pajama top, $78, and shorts, $58, Anthropologie

Eloise “Nella” pajama top, $78, and shorts, $58, Anthropologie

10. Organic Comfort

A feminine style in soft, organic cotton, this is the perfect summertime pick.

Only Hearts Organic Cotton Chemise

Only Hearts Organic Cotton Chemise, about $50, Amazon

Hope you’re inspired to ditch the t-shirt in favor of some feminine pajamas! With a little searching, you can find pajamas that are practical, pretty and comfortable, too!

(Amazon links are to my affiliate store, where you can find many more great styles!)


  1. Lois says

    I’m with you on this. I could use a change in my nighttime attire… However, I live in cold weather. All but one (the first) of these options won’t work for me unless I plan on freezing instead of sleeping. Any example ideas for one who needs warmth AND cuteness? PS – I like the price point of #1 too, as long as the quality is there.

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