Discover Your Body Type: 30 Days to Gorgeous Mom Style

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I’d like to get your number. No, not that number, although if you have any fashion emergencies, feel free to share.

I’m talking about your Style Dial™ number. As a stylist with The Stylist Online, I have seen the relief that comes over a woman when she learns that shopping for clothing doesn’t need to be haphazard. There is a rhyme and a reason for why some items flatter you and some fail so miserably, and it comes down to your body type. Before I discovered this system, I had acquired some knowledge about flattery organically, by working with and writing about fashion for years, but it wasn’t until I discovered The Style Dial™ that I found a system that I could use and share.

It’s utterly life changing. And simple.

And it all starts with a few simple measurements. I just saw you wince, but I promise – this isn’t about sizing you up. It’s about uncovering your body shape to help you discover what flatters you most. And it’s virtually painless. And now, during this limited time offer (wink), you can do it in the comfort of you own home.

Simply download the Virtual Measuring Tool right here and then email me the results at [email protected] I’ll shoot you an email back with your Style Dial™ number. It’s as easy as Style Dial™ 1, 2 or 3. Then, we’ll all be speaking the same language, style-wise.

Then the posts on Wardrobe Building Essentials will make more sense to you. And this one.

And you’ll have a cheat sheet to take shopping with you. And peruse scores of Pinterest boards where a whole team of stylists (me included) are pinning away, day and night, to make you look super-cute. Voila! So simple.

Nothing increases your mom style quotient more than having the confidence to know how to shop, dress and style your body. It’s a game changer.

Already know your number? Share it in the comments below! (P.S. I’m a 1/3).

Want to learn more about body types and the Style Dial system? Click here for a more thorough overview!



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