Mom Style Secrets: BeautyMommy Zankhna Parekh

Zankhna's #What Is Beauty campaign features real moms.

Even though I spend most of my time writing, speaking and thinking about it, I’m a little ambivalent about “mom style.”  After all, I don’t just want to look good “for a mom.” I want to look good, period. But I am a mom – which means that fashion, for me, is inherently different than it used to be. My lifestyle has changed, and so has my body.  Fortunately, Zankhna gets this. As a mom herself, the fashion designer crafts chic, wearable, affordable pieces designed specifically to be worn by moms (yes!), but that work beautifully for any woman who wants ease, comfort and style. Here, style secrets from a woman who is redefining mom style.

Zankhna's #What Is Beauty campaign features real moms.

Zankhna’s #What Is Beauty campaign features real moms. Image courtesy of

What is your secret to getting dressed on a busy morning?

It takes me 5-7 minutes.  Instead of sweatpants, I throw on a maxi dress.  If I wear jeans and a white tee, I add a colored scarf.  I quickly put on powder foundation and I put on either colored gloss or a colored stick on my lips and blot. I curl my hair the night before, so all I need to do it in the morning is brush it lightly and voila, I am ready to go!

Name your favorite shops/brands?

Michael Kors, DVF, Tory Burch and Tahari.

How has motherhood changed your style?

I dress more comfortably yet maintaining style and trend. I gravitate towards wrinkle free fabrics and those that I can wipe off stains easily.  I also wear more colored outfits (as opposed to my usual black and grey outfits)  and that way I look fresher and more awake than I really am!

Name 5 things you can’t live without.

Retin A, moisturizer, my high heels, my curling iron and my matte lipsticks.

Do you wear makeup every day?

Note every day but 5 days a week on average.  I wear MAC, Clinique and Sephora brands.

Fashion designer Zankhna Parekh favors dresses (shown, her own design), red or pink matte lipstick, heels, Retin-A, and a curling iron.

Fashion designer Zankhna Parekh favors dresses (shown, her own design), red or pink matte lipstick, heels, Retin-A, and a curling iron.


Where do you look for fashion inspiration?

Tory Burch, Nordstrom’s, what celebrities wear and how-to videos on YouTube.

What is your go-to mom look? Any style secrets?

I wear a lot more maxis and dresses than I do pants.  It immediately gives you a dressed up look even if you wear it with sandals or thong shoes.  For winter, I prefer fitted pants or skinny jeans versus sweat pants or velour pants.  Again, that gives you a more dressed up look.  I always wear a bright scarf or pink/red matte lipstick which instantly whitens your teeth and brightens your complexion. My signature style is very trendy yet classy.

I love Zankhna Parekh’s relaxed approach to fashion and beauty advice – and how she has adopted a formula that makes getting dressed virtually effortless. Her style secrets include:

  • 1. Dresses make you look dressed up (so true!), even when worn casually.
  • 2. Color close to your face brightens your complexion!
  • 3. Heels give any outfit a little lift!


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