Mom Style Secrets: BeautyMommy Birgit Grossmann Coles

Neutrals help streamline Birgit's morning routine.
Style secrets like neutrals help streamline Birgit's morning routine.

Birgit’s love of Haiti and its people inspired her to start Simbi.

Like all of the stylish moms I’ve featured, Birgit Grossmann Coles inspires me with more than just her style. Birgit, an American of German heritage, is married to a Haitian and has been living in Haiti for 17 years. After the devastation of the 2010 earthquakes, this mother of 3 started Simbi Fashion, a Haitian-made beach and loungewear line that provides jobs to local women and celebrates traditional Haitian hand embroidery. Here, she shares her mom style secrets.

What is your secret to getting dressed on a busy morning?

Single tone

 What are  your favorite shops/brands?

Rag & Bone, Splendid, Vince, 7, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Simbi

How has motherhood changed your style?

I pay more attention to details.

Birgit's musts include Simbi linen pants, a scarf, sunglasses, Caudalie skincare and Bobbi Brown makeup.

Birgit’s musts include Simbi linen pants, a scarf, sunglasses, Caudalie skincare and Bobbi Brown makeup.

Name 5 things you can’t live without.

Eye concealer, eyeliner, lipstick, scarf, sunglasses.

Do you wear makeup every day?

Yes. [Birgit likes] Bobbi Brown for makeup and Caudalie for everything else.

Where do you look for fashion inspiration?


Describe your signature style? Any mom style secrets?

Flip flops, Simbi linen pants and a t-shirt.

What is one thing you do every day to pamper yourself?

Make a latte in the morning and my beauty routine in the evening to clean and moisturize my face. Non-negotiable!

If you could only apply one makeup item, what would it be?


Favorite denim brand.

Rag & Bone.

 Color, neutrals, or both?


Name the one signature accessory you are never seen without.

Simbi bracelet. 😉


Birgit’s mom style secrets reflect the carefree island vibe that she captures with Simbi Fashion. Her top style secrets?

  • 1. Neutrals help you pull looks together with ease.
  • 2. Play up one feature with a go-to makeup product, like eyeliner.
  • 3. Always make time to care for your skin!


  1. Nelly Haddad says

    Wow, she lives in Haiti? Her company sounds wonderful. I will definitely be checking it out! Thanks for sharing with us!

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