One Stop Shopping: Fall Wardrobe Finds from Loft


Now, I really don’t want to throw my weight around or anything, but budget and other restrictions notwithstanding, you really should buy this stuff. You have a Loft nearby, don’t you. I am assuming you do, because we live in a town with a dismal lack of shopping options, and we have a Loft. So I am guessing that if it made here, then it made to a town close to you. And it really is a great go-to place for updated tops and accessories to go with them, all without breaking the bank. Now I am not saying that you absolutely need everything on this list, but, well, why not? What’s the use of having a friend who is a stylist if you won’t take her advice? These pieces are just the lift your fall wardrobe needs, and it’s one stop shopping. All you need is a new coat or a fresh new jacket and you are done. How easy is that?




So here’s a promise for you, if you choose to run to Loft and pick up all of these items:

1. You will be set for fall. Except for outwear, a cocktail dress and some makeup.

2. You will not look mumsy. This is not mommy chic. It is chic, period.

3. You will suddenly have acquired new pieces that make everything else in your closet look fresher and happier.

Seriously, so simple. Can you tell I love alliteration? Here’s more. Loving Loft lately.

Okay, I’m done. I promise.


  1. Nelly Haddad says

    I love how you said these are not mommy chic, just chic. I don’t want to look good for a mom. I just want to look good! Thank you!

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