Mom Style Secrets: BeautyMommy Merrick White

Merrick's easygoing, everyday style has become her signature.

Sometimes, I choose a stylish mom as much to inspire me as I do to inspire you. This is one of those times. After years of resisting my mother’s attempts to teach me to sew, I have come to terms with the fact that my inability to sew on a button isn’t charming – it’s annoying. Add to that the fact that my mini fashionista Lola is already outpacing me in her skill, and desire, to master sewing, and I am finally motivated to conquer my fear. And nothing motivates me as much as cute clothes, so to get inspired, I have been studying the beautiful tutorials on Merrick White’s blog, Merrick’s Art. I love her fresh, pretty approach to everyday style, and the way she simplifies the process of getting dressed. Here, she lets us in on a few of the mom style secrets she uses to pull off her seemingly effortless signature looks.

Merrick's easygoing, everyday style has become her signature.

Merrick’s easygoing, everyday style has become her signature.

What is your secret to getting dressed on a busy morning?

My “Dressing Myself” pinterest board is always a lifesaver – it’s stuffed with good outfit ideas! It depends on the day, but I try to keep it under 30 minutes!

What are your favorite shops/brands?

Asos, Gap, Old Navy, Nordstrom, J.Crew, Forever 21…

How has motherhood changed your style?

Motherhood didn’t change my style – it gave me style. I feel like I found myself when I became a mother. Before that I was in college and working desk jobs, and trying to fit into a world of business casual. When I quit my job and had my baby, I suddenly had freedom of dress and the time to spend on it, and my personal style was born!

Name 5 things you can’t live without.

Eyebrow corrector, a watch, my phone, nail polish, and chocolate.

Do you wear makeup every day?

Yes, I do! I wear mostly bareMinerals and LOVE everything they make.

Where do you look for fashion inspiration?

Pinterest, of course! It’s my not-so-secret style weapon because it never runs out of good style ideas 😉 And when I’m not feeling Pinterest, I go to Anthropologie and the ideas just start flowing!

What is your go-to mom look? Any mom style secrets?

Jeans and a chambray shirt. My style is simple, practical, and effortless, and this basic chambray and denim look is so chic and simple.

What is one thing you do every day to pamper yourself?

Shoot, I wish I had time to pamper myself every day. If I could have someone wash my hair for me every day (like they do at the hair salon), I’d choose that. There’s nothing better!

Merrick White of Merrick’s Art shares her style secrets: Dittos denim, chambray shirts, a Michael Kors watch, Bare Escentuals makeup and chocolate!

If you could only apply one makeup item, what would it be?

Eyebrow corrector – my poor tiny brows!

Favorite denim brand?


Color, neutrals, or both?

Definitely both.

Name the one signature accessory you are never seen without.

My Michael Kors watch! 🙂
I love how Merrick said that motherhood helped her discover her mom style. What a great perspective! My favorite Merrick style secrets include:
1. When you’ve run out of outfit ideas, turn to Pinterest.
2. For true signature style, make it yourself.
3. Stick with what works, but remain open to inspiration!


  1. Nelly says

    Love that her style was born when she became a mom. That’s so cute! I kind of feel like that too!

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