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Cozy Friedman

Cozy Friedman is a bit of a household name in the Manley home. We have used (and loved) her eponymous kids’ hair product line (love the multitaskers, especially!) and the girls turn to her book, Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls’ Hair, regularly for inspiration. My inability to do hair is legendary, but even with my ineptitude I have mastered the Wrapped Ponytail, The Flip Tail, and The Basic Braid. (We’re still working on The Heart Braid, however. We might have to pop into Cozy’s Cuts for Kids for a tutorial). But this isn’t about my girls. For a change. It isn’t even about hair. It’s about Cozy, and her cool, casual urban style. Here, she reveals her mom style secrets.

Cozy Friedman

Cozy Friedman loves clean-lined pieces and lots of accessories.

What is your secret to getting dressed on a busy morning?

I’m going through a phase right now where I am simplifying everything that I do, which includes getting dressed.  I’m really into mixing and matching.  I think I can write one of those columns in a magazine where they show you five items and how that can get you through the week.

What are you favorite shops/brands?

I love Iro, Vince, Stella McCartney, Rag &  Bone, No. 6, J. Crew and Theory right now. I love the clean lines and simplicity

How has motherhood changed your style? Any mom style secrets?

I don’t think it has. I’ve always had casual style, which I think motherhood brings out in people because of the need for ease.

Name 5 things you can’t live without.

I can live without any material objects, however, I’m madly in love with my Balenciaga bag.  It’s so light and roomy, and always looks great. Obviously my iphone will be in the bag…

Do you wear makeup every day?

I wear light makeup everyday. I love Laura Mercier, drugstore mascara and Clarins.

Where do you look for fashion inspiration?

Walking down the street in NYC is the best fashion inspiration. There are no rules, only interpretations.

Cozy's Musts

Cozy’s essentials include pieces from hip labels like Iro and Rag & Bone, a Balenciaga bag, a boyish blazer, skinny jeans, and light makeup (Laura Mercier and Clarins).

Describe your signature style?

Skinny jeans and either boots or wedges.  Simple top, boy blazer. Easy peasy. Lots of accessories – beads, chains….

What is one thing you do every day to pamper yourself?

Exercise and a fresh juice. It’s the best gift.

If you could only apply one makeup item, what would it be?

Lip gloss and hide behind sunglasses.

What’s your favorite denim brand?

I like a lot of brands- AG & Current Elliot are high on my list right now.

Color, neutrals, or both?

Depends on my mood. I don’t have any rules.

Name the one signature accessory you are never seen without.

A fun necklace.


Cozy’s well-edited, casual approach to style fits right into the lifestyle of a busy urban mom. Here, a few of my favorite Cozy mom style secrets:

1. Nothing is more stylish than great health, so try a little exercise and juicing.

2. Clean lines add sophistication to casual everyday style.

3. Simplify your style by finding multiple ways to wear each item.

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  1. Nelly Haddad says

    Love her must haves! I’m jut starting to get into fun necklaces and bracelets and stuff. They really do make a big difference and help pull an outfit together!

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