The Best Bathing Suits for Your Body Type


BeautyMommy Bathing Suit Week officially ends today, but if you are still on the hunt for the perfect suit, here are a couple of bathing suit boards you may have missed on Facebook. (And if you don’t follow BeautyMommy on Facebook, go now).  These two boards feature flattering suits for different body types. Which is your fave? (Note: Details for all of these suits can be found here.)




The best suits to downplay curvy hips feature horizontal necklines with lots of detail, and bottoms with minimal detail, like the suits shown here.



The suits above all offer different appeal to different body types: 1) Figleaves suit offers shape to a boyish frame, 2) Minimizes hips with lots of top detail and a horizontal neckline, 3) Offers hip, tummy and bum coverage for a woman with a medium to long torso, 4) tummy coverage for a smaller frame, and the middle suit offers hip and bum coverage when worn with the cover-up skirt (shown).



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