So Long to the String Bikini: Bathing Suits You can Play In

Bathing Suits You Can Play In

You might think I am prejudiced, that I have an unfair bias towards the one-piece bathing suit, but that would be unfair. I love bikinis. It’s just that, sometimes, they’re not very lovable. They show your tummy, for one thing, which means they have a distinct disadvantage to the the more figure-friendly maillot. And you can lose them. Not in the wash or in a drawer. I mean while you’re wearing them. As in this cautionary tale.

It was 2010, and I was feeling uncharacteristically brave as I donned a favorite old string bikini for a swim at home with the girls. Aside from the endless shifting, tugging, and adjusting, things seemed to be going swimmingly. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist). And then Eva, 2 1/2 at the time, leaned over and pulled the string on the side of my bikini bottoms. Just like that, it was gone, leaving me frantically trying to tie them back on while holding a squirmy toddler. Fun. Fortunately, we were home alone, but I had learned my lesson.

While the string bikini may be just fine for lounging poolside, if you are actually forced to go into the water, you’re going to want something, oh, safer. And while a regular bikini would work, a one piece is my pick for watersports or playing in the pool with the kids. So here, some of the best one piece suits for every style, from retro to glamorous to modern. Which is your favorite?

Bathing Suits You Can Play In


To Buy:

1. Corpobonito “Vivian” one piece in “Samba” print, $150

2. Kate Swim “Farrah” swimsuit, $118

3. Echo Design “Rainbow Falls” lowback one piece, $168

4. H&M white vintage swimsuit, about $40

5. Sophina by Figleaves “Icon Spot” mesh shaping one piece, $90


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