If Your BeautyMommy Style is Preppy


If your BeautyMommy style is preppy, chances are you were popping your collar and slipping into your Bass Weejuns back in the day. Sure, your style has evolved, but the staples have stayed the same. You’ve always adored the all-American style of polo shirts, walking shorts, loafers, and simple shift dresses in bold colors.

Overall, a true Prep will adore the overall feel of the Preppy style profile, from the happy colors to the clean lines and simple shapes. Chances are, Ralph Lauren and Lilly Pulitzer hang in your closet, while your kids sport sweet smocking or brightly checked button-downs. Your jewelry tends to be sentimental, and you think everything looks better with a monogram. You choose tailored over flowy, color over neutral, and, even when you’re all dressed up, you never look overdone. A Preppy Mommy usually finds a way to work a preppy motif into everything around her – an anchor here, gingham there.

If You Have Preppy BeautyMommy Style…

Look For: Your favorite colorful staples in updated, slimmer silhouettes, collectible enameled bangles, and monogrammed jewelry from lines like Sarah Chloe.

Watch Out For: Boxy basics, which can be dated and unflattering. Update your preppy style with slim, colorful pants and flattering tops. And no collar-popping. 😉


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