If Your BeautyMommy Style is Relaxed


If your BeautyMommy style is Relaxed, you take a low-key, laid back approach to fashion, favoring easy, casual separates in comfortable cottons, chic flats, and simple but carefully selected accessories. Your uniform of tanks, tees and skinnies is perfect for your mom-on-the-go lifestyle, and you always find a way to incorporate your personal style into every look, whether it’s a beaded necklace, a chic bag or the perfect wear-with-everything flat sandals. Your life may be complicated, but your style is not. Since you tend to gravitate towards simple shapes in a handful of favorite colors, your wardrobe plays well together and you are able to assemble outfits with enviable ease.

A Relaxed BeautyMommy loves the look of California-casual lines like James Perse, Rachel Pally and Michael Stars. You shop wherever and whenever it suits you, and once you find a label you love, you are remarkably loyal. You favor easygoing jersey dresses, stretch maxi skirts, tanks, tees, shorts (though not too tailored) and drapey cardigans. Your jewelry tends to be elegant yet slightly earthy, and as subtle as the rest of your look. You make cool, casual style seem effortless, and that’s reflected in the way you dress your kids – simple, high quality basics that stand up to hours of playtime. Your home is warm, welcoming, and never fussy – you favor clean, clutter-free spaces and quiet colors.

If You Have Relaxed BeautyMommy Style…

Look For: Styling cues in catalogs like J. Crew for easy styling ideas that can help you turn casual basics into personal style statements.

Watch Out For: Slouchy, baggy or shapeless styles. The fit should flatter, even on the most casual styles.

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