If Your BeautyMommy Style is Boho


Do you have Boho BeautyMommy Style? Even if you don’t think of yourself as the quintessential “hippie chick”, there are clearly some elements of this worldly, well-traveled style that appeal to you. Maybe you find yourself drawn to clothing with character, whether it’s the embroidered top you’ve had for ages or the gladiator sandals that took you through that family road trip in style. Or maybe flipping through the latest Anthropologie catalog fills you with a longing to backpack through Europe with nothing but a maxidress and a bikini. Either way, you adore the feminine, flowy yet inherently uncomplicated style of the modern bohemian.

A Boho BeautyMommy loves pairing flowy tops from Anthropologie and Free People with her favorite jeans, and she’s not afraid to make something her own. You shop wherever and whenever you have the time, which is why your wardrobe is an eclectic mix of steals, splurges, and vacation finds. You are sentimental at heart, and always wear a piece of jewelry (or several) that is truly meaningful to you. You collect clothes, and your favorites are like friends. After all, how could you part with the dress you wore the night you met your husband? Chances are, your home is as eclectic as you are, and you adore the boho baby style of lines like Hannah Banana, Oilily, and Tea.

If You Have Relaxed Boho BeautyMommy Style…

Look For: Pieces that have personality, but are a little more tailored, to balance out the free-flowing items in your wardrobe.

Watch Out For: Taking the boho look too literally. Beads, braids and beat-up jeans in one look can border on costumey, so keep the hippie style to a few key elements.

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