The Curly Hair Tutorial, At Last: The Quick-and-Cheap Version

Everyone has a trademark. Mine is my hair. When you have very thick, very curly hair, you get used to comments. And questions. Here are the answers.


This is my “quick-and-cheap” version. I will post a version later that takes a bit more time and uses posher products, but this is my go-to, everyday way to get out the door fast!

And now for what comes after… I stick my hair up in a bun. Sometimes, for extra glamour, I use a scrunchy.  (The process isn’t pretty, but I hope the results are). And then I finish getting ready. When I’m done, I take the bun out, cover my shoulders with a towel or robe (if I have time), put one of those huge clips in the top to create volume, and let it air dry. If it has to be dry and look its best, right away, I may diffuse it for a couple of minutes, but when I do, it breaks up the curl a little and it doesn’t last as long.

And that’s it. 5 minutes and I’m done. To find these products and more of my faves for curly hair, click here to go to my Amazon store.

Curly girls – try this at home. I’d love to hear what you think!

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