5 Under 50: Girls’ Photo Shoot Worthy Party Dresses


Let’s face it: No matter how darling the dress, kids will be kids. They are blissfully unaware that the jolie ensemble they are sporting was smuggled surreptitiously by their Maman out of Paris after discovering it on her sole shopping trip sans les petits, and cost about as much as her car. There are still puddles to jump in and snails to rescue. So that’s why, on occasion, it’s refreshing to find truly pretty party-worthy dresses that won’t break the bank. Mais oui, your little ones will still look pretty as a picture, but if they happen to, you know, move, you won’t lose it and spend half the photo shoot chasing them around like a loony person. (Not speaking from experience, here, but I’ve heard there are over-the-top moms who actually lose it when their little ones are uncooperative for a photo shoot. Crazy, huh?)

So here, five lovely little party dresses that are charmant and not trop chere… Pardon my French. 😉

For the Classicist

party dresses

1. Dorissa “Cady” dress, $44, Nordstrom: A classic little girl’s party dress in a fashion-forward fabric that makes it extra special. Swooning.

For the Prepster

party dresses

2. Ralph Lauren Rugby Striped Sateen Dress, $44.99, Nordstrom: Bold stripes in classic colors make this dress a no-brainer. Love.

For the Girly Girl

party dresses

3. Pink & Violet dress, $35.99, Macy’s: This confection has high-end details at a surprising price, and it’s pleasingly twirl-able.

For the Big Sister

big girls party dress

4. Ruby & Bloom “Bethany” dress, $42, Nordstrom: Slightly more grown-up, with beautiful details, this is a versatile dress she’ll wear again and again.

The Steal

red party dress

5. Okie Dokie Sweater Dress, $10.99, JCPenney: I love a sweaterdress, and the faux collar and details on this very reasonable style are irresistible.


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