Capsule Wardrobe Essentials: The T-Shirt


Looks can be deceiving. Sure, a t-shirt can seem basic, but it’s everyday appearance belies its wardrobe transforming abilities. In other words, it can do a lot to make you look cute. And just because a t-shirt is simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy. Finding the right t-shirt can be a challenge. Fortunately, I’ve rounded up some of the best options for every budget and every body type!

Top T-Shirt Tips

1. Details, details: Look for a t-shirt with a clean hem, nice edges, and upscale details like satin trim or piping.

2. Weight matters: Look for a t-shirt that is substantial enough to wear on its own, and not so sheer that it needs to be layered over something.

3. Keep it simple: The most versatile t-shirt is a solid color, in a simple shape, without any unnecessary embellishments.

4. Quality counts: As with everything, buy the best you can afford. Spend more on classic t-shirts that you can wear for a couple of years, but save on trendy t-shirts in of-the-moment colors, patterns or silhouettes.

5. Black and White: Black, or possibly navy, if you prefer, and white are the two basic t-shirt colors to start with. Add additional colors as the need arises. White t-shirts need to be updated regularly, because they can look grungy after a couple of seasons.

Read on for the best t-shirts by body type. For more details on the body types, click on the Style Dial number for the link to information about The Style Dial. And to go shopping, click on the shirt, which will take you to the Pinterest board with all the details!

Best T-Shirts for  Style Dial #1 (proportional body type – hips and shoulders about the same, waist defined)

Look for a slightly fitted, but not skin-tight, v-neck style in the sleeve length of your choice.

"Best V-Neck T-Shirts" by nadam1 on Polyvore

Budget to splurge, from Left to Right: Mossimo for Target, Splendid, and James Perse.

Best T-Shirts for a Style Dial #2: (narrow shoulders, most of shape is in hips and thighs):

Look for horizontal details, like a wide or boat neck, or modified scoop, buttons at shoulders, pleats, or any other details to add width to the shoulders and help the hips appear proportional.

"Best T-Shirts" by nadam1 on Polyvore

Best t-shirts for a Style Dial #2, in order of price: Uniqlo, Banana Republic and Alexander Wang.

Best T-Shirts for a Style Dial #3 (straight up and down, shoulders and hips proportional, lacks defined waist)

Look for a v-neck and details that highlight the shoulders, to create the illusion of width there. Draped, shirred and ruched t-shirts help to define the waist.

"Best Ruched T-Shirts" by nadam1 on Polyvore

Best ruched t-shirts in ascending order of price: Style & Co. (Macy’s), Vince Camuto and Alice & Olivia


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