BeautyMommy Bathing Suit Week: Your Bathing Suit Dilemmas, Solved

marc jacobs swim

I put on a bathing suit today and took my annual dip in the pool with the girls. Most days, I sit poolside, concealed beneath a caftan and a floppy hat, fetching drinks and reapplying sunscreen, but today I actually went into the pool. Fortunately, I wasn’t alone. Marc Jacobs was with me. When a girl has to appear in public in a half-dressed state, it helps to have a boldface name to bolster her confidence. His bathing suits have a retro, feminine vibe that I love. This time, it was this fetching bandeau-style one-piece that did the trick for me.
marc jacobs swim


(Full Disclosure: This is not, in fact, a picture of me. I know, I know, the resemblance between me and this 20-year-old swimsuit model is striking. Shocking, even. But the suit is the same.)

See how cute?

Anyway, buying a bathing suit is, at best, a tricky proposition. It seems there are way more body types out there then there are suits to flatter them. Fortunately, I’m here for you. All week, I will be posting practical, real-life solutions to your bathing suit dilemmas, from fit to flattery to finding the suit that suits you best. Have a concern or a question? Post them below or on my FB page, and I will try to answer as many as I can.

In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy a peek at the swimsuit story I did for this month’s Volusia magazine. It just came out today. 😉 Just click on the cover below to see the whole story.

best bathing suits



  1. Nelly says

    I love those retro style bathing suits! Both bikinis and one pieces. Can you please tell me what body type they are best for? Thank you!

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