5 Secrets of the Most Stylish Moms

Are You a Fancy Mommy?

Recently, a friend’s young daughter exclaimed: “Wow, now that’s a fancy mom! Look, mommy! That’s what I mean. You are a mom but she is a fancy mom:  Her hair is nice, her skin looks shiny, she has a nice sweater. You need to put some water and cream on your face to make it shiny and sparkly, like Saylor’s mom. Her face is so shiny and sparkly.”  My friend, who is tall and slim and has a laid back mom style many women would envy, was perplexed. Did becoming her six year old’s version of the most stylish mom involve sprinkling herself in glitter?

Yes, and no.

But being fashionable, or “fancy”,  does involve a hefty helping of fairy dust. And that’s what my new free video series, Frumpy to Fabulous in Five Days, aims to provide – a few simple style solutions and fashion finds that can easily take you from, well, so-so to a super stylish mom.

Not that you’ve ever been frumpy. Or sloppy.

You’re simply, well, busy. Too busy, perhaps, to focus on fashion, on beauty, on putting the best “you” out there, every day. Too busy to be fancy.

Fortunately, being fabulous doesn’t take tons of time or money. Being the most stylish mom simply takes a few fast fixes and strategic solutions. This free video series will show you:

1. Must Haves for Making Up on the Go (5 steps, 3 minutes, and you’re done!)

2. Two Wardrobe Essentials Worth Splurging On

3. How to End Bad Hair Days, Forever

Five days of fashionable tips that will elevate your everyday look to stylish mom status. So that you too can be fancy, forever.

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