The Best Backless, Strapless Bras Ever: Part II in the Best of the Beauty Mommy Series


(This post originally ran back in July, and I get so many requests for it, I thought I would run it again as part of my “Best of…” series. Just in time for New Year’s Eve!)

This is a blog I started and stopped so many times, because it is so vast and so riddled with possibilities that the idea of narrowing it down was just too overwhelming. But, I will try, for the same reason that I have attempted many impossible feats in the past: Someone asked me to. In a recent chat with some girlfriends, the subject of the backless, strapless bra came up, and everyone groaned. My sister had just bought a cute, casual dress online, not realizing that it was backless and shaped in a way that also made straps completely out of the question, and so arose the problem of what to wear underneath. Nothing is not an option, after a certain age, and above a certain modesty level, and definitely not if you are blessed in that department, so I promised that I would come up with a list of the best, real-life solutions.
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Adhesive Bras: Sure, they are backless and strapless, and adhesive, to a point, but they are not for the faint of heart, or, ahem, the full of chest. Maybe that’s why they aren’t available in sizes above a C. They work, and quite well, but these styles offer minimal support and are best worn with snug dresses for a relatively tame night out – to dinner, perhaps. Not for a night in the mosh pit. (Sorry to spoil the fun!) The gold standard, the NuBra from Fashion Form, is about $65. Or you could try the Unbra, on sale on Amazon for $8.85 (was $50). And it comes in a D cup.

Bustier Styles: These have come quite a long way from the “prom bras” we joked about during our chat, with the stiff, obvious boning and the scratchy lace. This style from Felina, above, $79, combines sleek modern style and support, and is definitely a solid pick for busty types.
Cosabella Strapless Push-Up Bra
Half Bustiers: Another update, this style from Cosabella, $125, offers support and style. And I love Cosabella’s quality. Detachable straps can be worn however you like, but I think convertible bras are an urban legend. I’ve never heard of any woman who actually takes the time to figure out all of those straps.

Faveo Freedom Bra: This bra claims to be the only backless, strapless bra for larger busted women, and it does seem to be a great concept. It looks odd, but it just might work. The company is British, and it is only sold on one website, in British pounds, but I would say it’s definitely worth checking out. Has anyone tried this?


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