Where to Splurge, Where to Save: 5 Style Pointers for Moms

Fellow stylist and mom Fawn Cheng had some more inspired ideas to share with Beauty Mommy readers. Read on for more!

Getting Your Girly Back

“I’ve always been a girly girl and I’ve always loved anything and everything glamorous, but it can get nutty especially with the first baby or if you have multiples and glamour does take a back seat. But once you start taking care of yourself you can still be glamorous on occasion but you can also be sassy and flirty and that is so important to us as a mom and to our hubbies, who also need to feel like we are these gorgeous women of their dreams. As women that affects our self-esteem and confidence. Once you get past the new mom stage, how do you get to a comfortable place in relationships with other people. The way that people receive you and perceive you is part of what creates that relationship.”

Boots for All

“I wear boots all the year round and I live in Arizona. The right boots can make your legs look long and be so flattering, when the shaft hits on your lower leg at the right place. I do wear the skirts above the knee with boots. I throw the rule out about short skirts for women over 40.  I am not going to hide the leg. Expose one body part and cover up the rest.”

Fit equals Flattery

“Improper fit is one of [the biggest mistakes women make]. It is worth it to see what looks best on your body full length and from the backside. We look at you more than you look at you and from every angle.”

Big Picture

Another mistake? “Not addressing your whole look from head to toe, so you end up not looking finished. If your hair or your toes aren’t addressed, then you won’t have that whole look from head to toe that makes you a headturner. Try puling your hair back into a low chignon or find a supershort cut. I tried that once and it was a daring move. It’s taken me a long time to come back from that, but it added hours a day!”

When to Spend, When to Save

“Spend on the handbags, girls. I have a handbag bias; I love high-end handbags. They make a great statement piece. And good shoes. People that are in the know tend to look at shoes. If you are looking to create an image or make a statement, those are the two pieces that you need to do it. Save on your comfy black dress, knit skirt, and comfy tees. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on items made from fabric that is supposed to stretch. Finer fabrics in formal wear will look better so splurge there.”
 Style Pointers for Moms

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