The Chubby Cheeked Face of the World’s Slowest Eater

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Today I made Thai Chicken Enchiladas for dinner. Or rather, I made them about a month ago, when I tried Once a Month Mom‘s Whole Foods menu, and stocked my freezer for the busy month ahead. Anyway, they are good. Really good, if I do say so myself, but I don’t have to, because my husband did:
“These are really good.”
I served them with Organic Girl SuperGreens salad. Kevin ate. I ate. Lola ate. A little. Eva talked.
And talked.
And talked.
Now, I know her methods because, well, she’s nearing 5, and somewhere between the time the wide-eyed image above was taken (when she was 1, for a passport) and oh, yesterday, I caught on.
Here’s what she does.
She talks.
And talks.
And talks.
Everyone else finishes dinner. Kevin and I start cleaning up and loading the dishwasher.
Eva talks.
And talks.
And talks some more.
Eventually she will take a bite of her salad. She loves salad.
Finally, tonight, in frustration, I blurted:
“There needs to be a bite in your mouth at all times!:
Her response:
“But I don’t know when you will be looking at me!”
So it’s official. My 4 year old is smarter than I am.
And cuter.
Much cuter.
And I’m okay with that.
slowest eater


  1. says

    Just found your blog from the SITS Girls blogging links. Your girl and mine are up to the same hijinks with the non-stop dinner chatter. I want to do a time lapse picture of the dining table showing us all eating while she talks and talks, then we leave and she’s still talking. Ah well: at least I don’t have to wonder what she’s thinking.

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