The Chubby Cheeked Face of the World’s Slowest Eater

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Today I made Thai Chicken Enchiladas for dinner. Or rather, I made them about a month ago, when I tried Once a Month Mom‘s Whole Foods menu, and stocked my freezer for the busy month ahead. Anyway, they are good. Really good, if I do say so myself, but I don’t have to, because my husband did:
“These are really good.”
I served them with Organic Girl SuperGreens salad. Kevin ate. I ate. Lola ate. A little. Eva talked.
And talked.
And talked.
Now, I know her methods because, well, she’s nearing 5, and somewhere between the time the wide-eyed image above was taken (when she was 1, for a passport) and oh, yesterday, I caught on.
Here’s what she does.
She talks.
And talks.
And talks.
Everyone else finishes dinner. Kevin and I start cleaning up and loading the dishwasher.
Eva talks.
And talks.
And talks some more.
Eventually she will take a bite of her salad. She loves salad.
Finally, tonight, in frustration, I blurted:
“There needs to be a bite in your mouth at all times!:
Her response:
“But I don’t know when you will be looking at me!”
So it’s official. My 4 year old is smarter than I am.
And cuter.
Much cuter.
And I’m okay with that.
slowest eater


  1. I think God makes kids that cute so they can survive their childhood. :) Love that picture!

  2. Just found your blog from the SITS Girls blogging links. Your girl and mine are up to the same hijinks with the non-stop dinner chatter. I want to do a time lapse picture of the dining table showing us all eating while she talks and talks, then we leave and she’s still talking. Ah well: at least I don’t have to wonder what she’s thinking.

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