My Four Favorite Foods (of the moment)


Lately, I feel like I am always packing up something for someone to eat somewhere else: lunches for the girls, breakfasts for Kevin, snacks for the Western hemisphere. And when you spend that much time fussing over food, you are bound to get a little bored. Hence, a few questionable impulse buys I’ve made lately:

Puffed Rice Crackers with a vaguely honey-ish taste that I decided to buy in bulk, at Big Lots, just because. I am fairly certain they are inedible.
Neurobliss, a carbonated drink that is supposed to make you happy, that I bought on a whim on a particularly rough morning. Great bottle, but I haven’t opened it yet.
Seafood sausage: I liked it well enough, but my husband’s reaction: “Blechhhh!”
And now on to the winners…
favorite foods
1. Noosa Finest Yoghurt: Although the recipe for Noosa originated in an idyllic Australian town of the same name, it is made at Morning Fresh Dairy in Colorado, using locally grown honey. No offense to Greek yogurt, which I adore, but this yogurt is slightly sweet and so creamy, it’s like eating dessert!
2. Kind Bars: It started in school, when my mother dutifully put a granola bar in my lunch every single day, and I dutifully threw it away. (Still can’t believe I did that – how wasteful). I have always hated bars of almost any description – chocolate bars, of course, being the exception. That’s why I was so surprised that I genuinely LOVE these! And they are genuinely healthy – nothing but fruit and nuts. Yum!
favorite foods
3. Ciao Bella Gelato: First, I fell in love with Key Lime Graham. Then I discovered Pistachio. After that, I went for the Blood Orange Bars. And if I could find the Roasted Hazelnut or the Maple Ginger Snap, I might never leave this couch.
4. Unreal: I was strolling through the aisles of Walgreen’s during the first week of school, picking up some last minute supplies that didn’t make it onto the class lists, when I spotted an unfamiliar candy brand. Unreal. Candy Unjunked. All your old favorites are here: candy coated chocolates (i.e. M&M’s), peanut butter cups, nougat caramel bars. But without the corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, GMOs and preservatives. And while it’s not exactly an apple, it’s a way to indulge without going overboard. Love!
favorite foods

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