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Ready to return to work? For many of my friends, the answer is yes. As our kids hit school age and our time opens up, I am finding that more and more of us are embarking on Phase II (or 3 or 4, or 17, in my case) of our careers. And we have been more successful than ever! It’s no surprise to me that moms can do it all. But, on a daily basis I am challenged when I find moms who do it all, and do it all well. Some of the resources I count on the most in the day to day life of our family were founded by moms whom I’ve come to know and respect. A few examples:

Whim Wham Art Studio: My friend Aimee opened this fun, welcoming space in the spring, and it’s become a family favorite. You can get arty or even throw a party. My girls love painting their own pottery and then proudly displaying their handiwork!

Macaroni Kid Daytona: When local mom Christina Remmert published the Daytona edition of this national parents newsletter, area moms had a valuable new resource for all that is fun and family friendly in town. Now, I use my Sunday newsletter to plan our week, and weekends!

Front Porch Pickings: Back in my baby-food making days, organic produce was hard to come by in our area, and I had to drive near and far, baby in tow, to stock up. Thanks to Nicole Lebron, food-conscious families can have fresh, local, organic produce delivered right to their doorsteps. I credit Front Porch pickings with helping me to discover delicata squash, watermelon radishes, and fresh fava beans. Yum!

These successful mompreneurs have proven that, even in this tough economy, opportunities exist for the enterprising mom! But so many businesses require a substantial upfront commitment of time and money, and many of the moms that I know are looking to ease their way back into the workplace, gradually growing their business to create supplemental, or even replacement, income for their families. Enter The Callan Group’s Business in a Box.


Business in a Box

I was so excited when my friend Diane Michael of The Callan Group shared her Business in a Box concept with me. I have known Diane personally and professionally for years, and my husband and I have worked with her company to promote our businesses in the past. Now, Diane is offering to train a few hand-picked mompreneurs to do what she does, and does so well.

The Callan Group’s Business in a Box offers the mompreneur three Key Advantages:

1. Training

Diane Michael will personally train, guide, and coach new mompreneurs to ensure success!

2. Turnkey

The Business in a Box offers everything you need to successfully launch your home-based business using The Callan Group’s propriety software, which was developed in 2008.

3. Timely

If this is the right time for you to start your home-based business, and you have a background or interest in advertising or sales, then The Callan Group’s opportunity will offer you the chance to do that on your own schedule, and on your own terms.

Want to learn more? No one tells it better than Diane, so click here for a full explanation!

(Promotional consideration provided by The Callan Group).

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