3 Cutest Girls Shoes Ever, and More Musings


Now that I am on a roll, I can’t seem to stop, so if you don’t like to hear a grown woman complain, then you might want to hop over to Gilt.com for great deals on Alice & Olivia dresses for you and Joyfolie, the most over-the-top adorable line of little girls shoes I’ve seen in a long time. Click on the pictures and a link will take you right there. Because that’s the kind of friend I am.
Look at these!
girls shoes
And these.
Joyfolie Mona Flat
And these:
Joyfolie Maci Spectator Boot
And for you, from Alice + Olivia:
Alice + Olivia Candid Belted Silk Shirt Dress
Alice + Olivia Beverly One-Shoulder Silk Jumpsuit
Alice + Olivia Arthur Cuffed Satin Trouser
Fortunately, I look exactly like this model. Uncanny, really. Now on to my complaints: You’ve been warned…
1. My period started today. I was going to use a polite euphemism like monthly “friend” or “visitor” but I can’t be bothered . It started, and it stinks.
2. Eva fell running through the house and busted her lip. It is now approximately the size of a tennis ball. Fabulous, really, because she’s always been incomprehensible, and now, I don’t even have to bother trying!
3. Lola coughs every single second, loudly and startlingly. It breaks my heart and drives me nuts at the same time. The sound of it literally makes me want to jump out of my skin. Am I an awful mother because I don’t want to let her sleep in our bed tonight? I mean, what would be the point? We might as well all just stay up together and watch Letterman.

On an upside, I am still a prolific power-cooker, since I am cooped up with no place to go. Today, I made school lunches, like Thermos Mac & Cheese, Mini Cheddar Meatloaves (in muffin tins), and Cheesy Ham Biscuits (also in muffin tins) and froze them. I also made a yummy veggie soup with a recipe from Kitchen Stewardship. It’s packed with 9 Superfoods. Too bad Lola coughed up the little that she ate. 🙁
But on a positive note,the days of pounding rain has done a lovely job of keeping my spirits up.
Tomorrow, I promise to keep my rants to myself. And my husband. And anyone unfortunate enough  to catch me on the phone. Again, you’ve been warned. : )


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