Beautymommy Buzzometer: 5 Fashion and Beauty Finds

Zatchels satchels are cool, colorful and practical.

Hope everyone had a happy Easter! Ours seemed to last for days, from egg coloring and decorating (yes, a little late) on Friday to Sunday services and a family dinner into today, when we gathered with some good friends on our front lawn to take Easter pics with a cuddly white bunny. The highlight of the entire weekend, for me, was when Lola haltingly, but in great detail, explained the true meaning of Easter to her little friends at book club. It made me so happy to see that the message was sinking in!

Today, I’ve assembled some of my favorite fashion and beauty finds of the moment. Hope you enjoy them!

Beetlejuice clothes are a favorite of ours. The details are amazing!

1. Frugal Fashion for the Girls

Sometimes you have the sale mojo, and other times you just don’t. These days, I’ve definitely got it, as I seem to keep stumbling into the best deals anywhere, mostly on things for my kids.From superstylish Submarine bathing suits for Lola ($80 plus dollars at boutiques) for $14.99 at Marshall’s to today’s catch of the day – an armload of adorable Beetlejuice items at Tuesday morning, like the dress shown above, center, for the 4th of July! So fun!

Zatchels satchels are cool, colorful and practical.

Zatchels satchels are cool, colorful and practical.

2. Zatchels Satchels

I am obsessed with the old-school style of the satchel, especially in bold colors and fashiony prints. That’s why I am loving Zatchels, a new British company that’s just starting to turn up at stores stateside. There’s nothing like being one of the first in the country to own a statement-making bag!

3. Bad Hair Days

Naturally, I’ve never had a bad hair day. I roll out of bed every morning with my hair looking perfect. That’s why I practically begged my stylist, Marjan, to let me have a keratin treatment every single month. Sigh. If you too have had your share of bad hair days, you might want to submit a photo as evidence and describe how the Chi Ultimate Makeover would change your life. Just click here if you’re interested!


Before I had kids, I avidly read restaurant and theater reviews in search of that weekend’s entertainment. These days, my weekends are more likely to be spent at the beach or a park. Hard for an indoorsy type like myself, but with a site like, at least I’ll know what to expect when planning our next outing. More than 5000 parks are rated, and scored, based on reviews and expert input. Review your favorite parks and you could win a kayak, for even more outdoor fun.

Love Mally's products and packaging.

Love Mally’s products and packaging.

5. Mally Beauty

Mally Roncal is more than just a celebrity makeup artist, a beauty entrepreneur, and a friend to Rachael Ray; she is also a mom of 3 (including gorgeous twins)! So no one knows better than this multiasker the importance of effortless, lasting beauty, from her “bulletproof” makeup products to her latest development, a complete 24/7 Gel Polish System for home. Now, even a home manicure can last two weeks – no appointment required.

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