The Top 5 Sample Sale Sites for Kids

There’s a lot of buzz about sample sale sites for kids, and with good reason. Not yet a convert? Here’s the scoop: these sites offer limited-time-only sales on top labels, often at rock-bottom prices. The catch? They’re only open to members, so you have to sign up, and you must be willing to act quickly (items often stay in your cart for as little as 15 minutes). If you’re not yet convinced, check out these tempting deals.
  1. The MiniSocial: This chic site offers an ever-changing array of fashions, toys, and gear from the best names in the business. I love the Everyday Essentials section, which offers everything from nursery decor to glass baby bottles – perfect for gift-giving! 
  2. This site offers items for home, for kids, and for mom, making it a great one-stop shopping hub for the stylish family. Plus, you only pay shipping once for everything you buy over the course of a day. 
  3. Hautelook is a general sample sale shopping site offering everything from clothing for mom and dad to home decor to vacation packages. It’s offerings for little ones have expanded dramatically in recent months, and the selection is always unfailingly stylish. 
  4. Like Hautelook, this is another general sample sale site that has expanded its children’s offerings. This site is one of my personal faves – I always seem to land a great deal here, particularly when they are having one of their legendary seasonal Ideeli RED sales. 
  5. If the name didn’t give it away, this is possibly the highest-end site of the bunch, and again, it offers everything, from food to travel, clothes to home decor. Current sales in their kids section reveal everything from nursery essentials to toys, shoes to rugs to clothes. 

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