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This is the only category of products designed almost exclusively for pleasure. They have the power to transform a humble bathroom into a luxurious spa. Soap is soap, and one could argue that it’s the only really essential body product. But those of us who’ve fallen under the spell of lotions and creams, washes and scrubs, know better. We know that while any body wash can clean, it takes an exceptional product to soothe our skin and seduce our senses. Picking a body product is a purely personal—completely idiosyncratic—decision, based on how the product feels and how it makes us feel, how it smells and how that smell affects our mood.

Indulge yourself with 110 Simple Body Care Tips From the Experts: Beauty Treatments & Spa Treatments.


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The Beauty Experts

This book is Book 5 of the Beauty Tips from the Experts Series. The 8-Book series includes insider advice and product tips from 80 top beauty experts. Nada Manley opens up her beauty-editor rolodex for you so you can learn how to look and feel your best.

Beauty Tips from the Experts