Want to treat your tresses to headturning style?


Healthy Hair Care: Treat Your Tresses to Headturning Style

When you have as much hair as I do, a bad hair day is nearly impossible to conceal. A hat would be handy, but when my hair is at its most frizzy and fried, it’s nearly impossible to coax a cloche over my curls. That’s why, like most women, I’m obsessed with avoiding bad-hair days. I buy hair products by the truckload, enlist any expert who’ll listen for advice, and scan images of supermodels for the singular style that will change my life. Why the ardent interest in taming my tresses? Ask any woman the same question, and she’ll tell you that her hair, more than any other single element of her look, has the ability to affect her mood and define her day. That’s why I’ve devoted so much space to hair in this chapter and the next. On these pages, you’ll learn how to style and smooth, how to wear it curly or straight, and how to communicate with your stylist to get the look you want.

Hair Apparent: The Color Consultations

People make a lot of assumptions about us based on our hair color. As a brunette, people might assume that I’m smart and sophisticated. Or that I’m boring and stuffy. Blondes deal with their own assumptions. On the positive side, they are often perceived as sexy and sunny. The downside? Well, we’ve all heard the dumb-blonde jokes. Hair color instantly, overwhelmingly identifies us. It reveals something of our ethnic background, our personalities, even our character. Perhaps that’s why choosing a colorist is one of the most important things you can do. A trained colorist can help you manipulate the image you send out to the world. After all, if people are going to make assumptions, at least make sure they assume the best.

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